Ahh!! Zombie Cars That Refuse to Die

Do you have a Zombie Car?

In today’s economy, there’s nothing better than a car that outlives your expectations. Weather it’s life expectancy, easily repaired, or even a junker that keeps on rollin’, these are some of the cars that absolutely refuse to die.

The 6 Cars That Refuse to Die

It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. -Jeff Gordon.

Today, most of the cars on the road are used. In fact, a recent study showed that most people can not afford to purchase new cars. So what does that mean to you? Well, if you car is used, you’re going to need things replaced, fixed, or even bodily repairs. This can rack up a bill that could almost buy you a whole new car. Surprising right? Well, obviously you wouldn’t be forking over the money in one lump sum, but still, it’s easier on your budget to repair a car. 

My mom always said, “You’re going to always be paying for a car, either you have a loan on a new one…or your paying for costly repairs.” That had me thinking one day. What if I got a used car that was both cheap and easy to repair. Wouldn’t I get the best of both worlds? Of Course! So that’s what brought me to this list of the 6 cars that just refuse to die. They’re also easy fixers, but if you’re like my step-dad, and refuse to get your cars looked at (or think you can repair them yourselves…and clearly you’re having issues) this list is for you!

1. The first car comes to us from Airplanes! Well, not exactly. The Subaru Motor Company started out as an Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915, right around the start of the first world war! The company then evolved into an offical aircraft company in 1932 and became the countries major aircraft manufacturer during the second world war. So it’s really no surprise that this company makes cars that last…and last…and last. In fact- 8 out of 10 Subaru cars on the road today are older models! That makes them a car that refuses to die.

I bet this car has seen many camping trips!

We’re only going to be talking about the Subaru wagons, however. From the early 1990’s to today, these cars are some of the longest running that you can buy. While they’re not particularly easy to fix (considering most of the technology now a days is confusing for even me!) they will last if you can find a reputable mechanic that you trust with your baby. I mean come on, with a parent company like Fuji Heavy Industries, it’s really a no-brainier that these babies are like tankers. They’re mostly all-wheel drive, which means that they’re a formidable opponent against nasty weather! Which, in turn means you won’t die in the frigid cold and can outlast a nuclear explosion in a Subaru…okay, maybe not.

2. The second car on my list that refuses to die is the Honda Accord. Obviously. If you even remotely thought that this car wasn’t going to be on this list, well…then you clearly aren’t a car guy-girl?! You know those unassuming tan, black, or white vehicles that are piratically everywhere on the road? Yeah, it’s probably a Honda Accord. Heck! Maybe you’re even in one right now (and clearly if you are in a car, you better not be driving!)

We’ve all seen these cars…and clearly they’d be good if you were a trouble-maker, because as unassuming as they are, they’re easy to blend in!

What began in 1976 as a reliable, and affordable alternative to the aforementioned Subaru, the Honda Accord has been the top selling car in the United States since 1989! Plus, numerous road tests list the Accord as one of the most reliable vehicles out there! If that’s not saying something, then…I dunno what will convince you. Have you even tried to kill off a Honda? No, well that’s because no matter what you do…they just don’t die!

The Honda Motor Company puts all of it’s eggs into the engines and engineering! That means you get one heck of a reliable engine that’s sure to never fail you, and even if it does, it’s pretty easy to fix. In recent years many Honda Accord owners were polled on the number of times they had to make engine repairs vs a domestic alternative (a Dodge or Ford) and the answers may surprise you- only 18% said they needed costly repairs on their engines, where as Ford and Dodge owners of a similar vehicle was at a high of 26%! That might not seem like a big deal, but it is! Engine repairs are some of the most costly and time consuming -which means you will pay the big bucks to keep your car on the road! That being said, it’s no wonder the Honda Accord is on my list of cars that refuse to die!

3.  The next car on my list is the Jeep Cherokee. While the first two cars were imports, this is an American made machine! This car was actually a mistake. Well, maybe. Jeep wanted to compete with the trucks on the road, and instead came up with this- the small SUV that packs one major punch! Most of the Cherokees house a straight- 6 engine and now even offer a turbo-diesel option, both of which just won’t die on you! With American muscle and engineering…it’s like a zombie that’s been on the road for years…and years…and years!

Look at this guy. Reliable, easy to handle, and super fun on road trips! It’s like the perfect boyfriend…well, maybe better because he doesn’t talk back 😉

This is a great vehicle for someone who needs the exterior and engine toughness of a truck- but refuses to drive a hunk of metal the size of a small boat around in the wild! With so many on the road, they’re easy to fix and find parts, and are relatively cheap when it comes to those fixes. Why? well, the’re not having to disconnect a crap ton of odd wires and tear out the dashboard to fix a light bulb, nor do they have to sit and tear out useless things in the engine block to reach the most needed of fixes!

4. Number four on the list of cars that refuse to die is the Toyota Corolla. These babies just keep on rolling. In fact, it first hit the market in 1966 and by 1974, was the best selling car world wide! It continues to be a clunker that keeps clunking, even to this day! With so many Corollas on the road, it’s absolutely no surprise that they’re easy to fix…the next time you’re at the junkyard, take a look around…i’m sure they’re in there some where!

Ah, the Corolla. Another good companion car for anyone who isn’t car tech savvy! Easy to repair and as long as you take care of it…it will continue to drive the road until we’re long gone!

With some restrictions on imported cars, Toyota did the smart thing and merged itself with GM, creating the perfect marriage of foreign engineering and American made parts. Which is also a reason why they’re a car that refuses to die….you literally could run a Corolla into the ground and it will still probably a turn over for you. Like the loyal dog, Toyota has created a unique car that lasts and is easily fixed! If you’re looking for a decent used car, check for a Corolla. Mine has 276,458 miles on it. I know! Your jaws just dropped, but please, pick them up…you’re not a fly catcher! I was told that I could rack up the miles on my Snow, and as long as I’ve got regular check ups, and keep all the parts in working order…that my own children could have the car. (which is a good thing, because my kids won’t get a new car until they can afford to buy it!)

5. Volvo is a car company known for it’s longevity. I mean, it started out as a company that manufactured buses, trucks, and construction equipment…and if that doesn’t express a long life, I’m not sure you’re even really reading this article! However, the original Volvo company sold off it’s car manufacturer in 1999, so while they’re making cars, they still use the original premise of the company: to build cars that can last on the harsh Swedish road conditions and tough winters.

A typical 90’s car. Boxy, brilliant, and noisy. Ah, the 90’s!

This car is like a freakin’ zombie that just keeps getting it’s limbs cut off and still refuses to die. With interchangeable parts amongst most of their models, it’s a car company you are sure to rely on! While this car company is reliable, it’s pretty expensive! Now a days, a standard Volvo starts at about 33,000 if you build them from scratch, or about 25,000 if you were to buy the same Volvo off the lot. But, there is good news! With such a tough car company, you can expect to rack up the miles just the Toyota and still get what you pay for out if it!

6. The Last car on my list of cars that refuse to die is the Volkswagen Jetta. I had one that I bought in early of 2011, that lasted me until about two months ago. Now, you might be thinking that’s not such a good deal…let me tell you my story:

I bought my Jetta for 1,000. It had an original 115,489 miles on the engine, and the body actually had more! The engine was replaced after it was in an accident five years prior to my purchase, and had two owners in it’s lifetime (three if you include me!). Most of the miles were highway, meaning the original owner drove to and from…pretty much everywhere! The body of the car was like a tank. Seriously! Metal and eroding in some places due to the snow and salt we in Idaho put on the roads, but that was okay! All I needed was a small machine gun attached to the roof and I could pop out the sunroof and head off into battle. That’s how safe I felt in this car. 

Back to the present day, and I wish I still had this car. While it wasn’t particularly easy to fix, being a 90’s car, it had some problems- espically the computer system. Yeah, we never quite figured that one out, but it was still a great car! The Jetta’s parts aren’t interchangeable like the Volvo’s are, and surely not as common as the Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord, but I felt like I ran the car until it died. And one day, it did. Sadly.


So there you have it folks. My list of Zombie Cars. Well, clearly they’re not going to try and eat your brains out- but they surely won’t die easily. I hope you enjoyed the article, and remember: The next time you’re out looking for a new car…Ask yourself- Do I want to pay for this in the form of a loan…or do I want to get a used car that will refuse to die, and last as long as I give it life? The answer should be an easy one!

Until next time,

The Car Girl.

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