Here’s your chance to Ask The Car Girl!

Listen up Brevard: This is your Chance to Ask Me Anything!

Do you have a question about your car that you need answered? Well go ahead, 

ask me

Ask me anything you’d like about your car!

Or do you just want to know something about your car that you’ve never known the answer to?

Well here’s your chance…

So ask me an question you’ve got about your car. If you’ve got a car question…I’m you’re girl! Be sure to email your questions to our email. Click here and it’ll bring you to our Contact Us page and let’s get this started! I’ll be sure to answer it in a timely manner! This is your chance to learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know about your car.

Here’s some additional information for you

1. Be sure to include your Name, and the area in which you live (if you’re in Brevard county of Florida, I’ll be sending you some discounts and coupons!) If you don’t live in Brevard, I’ll send you a personal thank you note!

2. Ask your question in as much or as little detail as you’d like. Ask me anything from how to keep your car running to how to properly wash the inside of your car seats. Just Ask me! I’m here to answer any of your questions! However, be sure to get a lengthy response anyway!

3. Title your email: Dear Car Girl,

4. Also, if you’d like a response from Johnny, our technician, let me know. I can totally set it up. If you do live in Florida, I could possibly set you up with a free diagnosis, and some good laughs from Johnny and Troy down at Air Mobile. If you don’t live in Florida, but would still like a response from Johnny, I can do that too. I’ll have him make you a personalized video, answering your question to the best of his knowledge (although, I cannot say you’ll be able to understand him- I still have a hard time!!)

– K, The Car Girl.


p.s. This is gonna be so much fun, so run with it! And remember, to ask me anything you’d like to know about your car or how to take care of it!


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